Security level of the business processes

Investments in IT security pursue several key aims. One of them is to maintain the security level at such a high level that the enterprise's ability to function is not placed at risk (availability). Safeguarding elementary business processes should be of the highest priority here.

Analysing relevant processes

Security Lighthouse supports the security management in directing their attention towards the actual security level of relevant processes. Computer systems assigned to a process are monitored for their status on an ongoing basis. If one of the systems exhibits a handicap, a warning notice appears in almost real-time. Clicking on the red gears opens a result list, which lists all systems that are associated with the business process.

With the business-process oriented analysis of the security information available, the security level of the network can be increased at the relevant spots and their compliance permanently monitored.

Creating Visibility

"Since they do not always have their roots in a technical department, CSOs more than anyone else need to place value on achieving clarity concerning the status of their IT security."

Raimund Genes †, former CTO Anti Malware at TREND MICRO