Alerts, Reporting, Export

In order to be able to further process information from IT security, a number of options are available with the "Alerting", "Reporting" and "Export" functions, which supplement monitoring.


Alerts allow you to specify warning messages that can be triggered automatically as soon as a defined security policy fails to be complied with. During a specified interval, a defined user group is notified as soon as e.g. a set percentage rate of computer systems in the network are rated as "not covered". There are special widgets available for the view of alerts. They can be delivered for example via E-mail or SNMP.


The reporting module allows the reporting across the safety areas like virus protection, update and patch management and vulnerability management. However the security lighthouse is focused on monitoring to assess the current security situation.

Additional there is an option available for sending scheduled reports like an executive briefing by e-mail (attached as .pdf file).


Users assigned Export Manager rights via Role Management can have any content of lists sent to the e-mail address stored in the system. For instance, the list export can then be imported into Excel sheets.

Example of an export
You want to export a list of all computers with a security handicap at your production site. Only those computer systems involved in production are extracted using the filter. Clicking on "Export" delivers the report to your e-mail address within the space of a few minutes.

Customer Voice KWS SAAT SE

Matthias Helmke, Head of Infrastructure at KWS, draws attention to another point: “If auditors want to check our security level, we can offer them an im­mediate and incredibly concrete way of doing so. We can also prepare reports quickly for specific target groups. All this dramatically simplifies audits.”

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