Flexible handling with dashboards

Modern information processing in IT security should not overload the user, but should be targeted as possible. AMPEG Security Lighthouse provides the personalised compilation of security information on flexible dashboards: company dashboards that are centrally provided in the administration and personal dashboards that specifically can be set up by every user for his workplace. In addition, a public dashboard is offered, which also can be configured central in the administration and can be included, thanks to anonymous access, on the intranet.

All dashboards can be divided into several sections and for each section a different number of columns can be configured. With the "Add a widget" command, more than 450 ad-hoc analyses, KPIs, long-term analyses, process monitoring and lots more can be added to a new or already existing dashboard (see Analysed Security Areas).

The classification of information into categories or locations, for instance, and the limitation to specific time periods can be set for the respective analysis.
The Role management of the Security Lighthouse supports the role-related information processing by assigning permissions in granular form.

Creating Visibility

"Since they do not always have their roots in a technical department, CSOs more than anyone else need to place value on achieving clarity concerning the status of their IT security."

Raimund Genes †, former CTO Anti Malware at TREND MICRO

Quality Assurance

Continuous monitoring of the current security status of all systems is an important prerequisite for establishing high quality in IT security.