Since its founding in 1994, AMPEG has developed from a system integrator for IT security solutions into a software manufactory specialising in the analysis of the security level for corporate networks.

From the knowledge that has accumulated in more than a decade in IT security, the software Security Lighthouse has been developed in the years 2004 to 2006 - also with the support of some long-time customers.

Our vision

Create visibility for the IT security.

Our mission

Develop and supply an instrument for the Security Level Manage­ment that conti­nuously improves the effectiveness of IT security so that the attack surface will be minimised.

Maximum Customer Satisfaction

Customer-focused quality management at AMPEG is a fixed component of Customer Relationship Management (CRM). All customer-focused information flows together within CRM to support the analysis of technical inquiries concerning product optimi­sation and innovation. A direct path to our customer is guaranteed thanks to the lean processes embedded in the collaboration between Development, Technical Ser­vices and Central Sales at our headquarters in Bremen. In this way, we can implement customer requests in a timely manner and, on the other hand, contin­ually expand our range of services.

Social Commitment

AMPEG has been feeding part of its profits back into society since 1998, the year in it made a small profit for the first time. At the moment we support following aid projects.

Nature Protection

Keeping the ecological footprint as low as possible, is AMPEG's vol­untary contribution to protect the nature. On our website about environmental protection you can find examples of our activities.

2 + 2 = 5

Not with us, we want to see the world as it is – even if an pure view of things makes life a bit more uncomfortable.

The Name

AMPEG stand for an­swers. More accu­rately, AMPEG is the answer – the answer to the central, all-consuming question about the meaning of life, the universe and everything else, as posed in Douglas Adams’ "Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy".

The Answer

In actual fact, the answer is not directly “AMPEG”; the correct answer is "42" issued by supercomputer Deep Thought after seven-and-a-half million years of calculations. Unfortunately, the pro­grammers had forgotten to formulate the question conclusively, so this an­swer is not very helpful.

But 42 does give us the numerical sum of the word AMPEG, obtained by adding up the values from alphabetical order of the individual letters (A=1, M=13, P=16, E=5, G=7).

In addition, the first, the middle and last letters are the same as the initials of AMPEG co-founders Agnes and Peter Graf. But that's only a mere chance.

The Name Generator

If you also want to generate a name that counts something in the entire galaxy: Name Generator 42