• Lighthouse

    Lighthouses and pier lights help the crew of a vessel, to find the safe route to the harbour.

    The Security Lighthouse supports security teams when navigating through the network to increase the security level.

  • Build at the German North Sea

Security Lighthouse v8

Security Monitoring: The Key to Increased IT Security

A 360° view of all security-relevant areas in a network is the key to maximum data security. Lack of detailed insight into the security structure leads to so-called “blind spots” which offer ideal possibilities to intrude into the network. Gaining a deeper insight into the current security level of a network requires a central monitoring system which is able to process data from all kinds of sources, to determine the current security status.

The collected data has to be interlinked and analysed in an intelligent manner. If companies and security operations centre (SOC) are able to relate all available security information to each other and to analyse the actually achieved level of the information security nearly in real-time, it is easier for them to defend themselves against attacks and threats.

Increase the effectiveness with Security Level Management

Security Lighthouse is a central component in the tool box of the IT security. The status of the achieved security level will be visible in almost real-time. This trans­forms IT security into a measurable and manageable factor. To be aware of the companywide security status serves one goal: to minimise the attack surface and keep it as small as possible.

Assess the security situation and take countermeasures

The permanent verification of the security level offers a detailed assessment of the security situation. Security Lighthouse provides the information to take counter­measures for vulnerable critical systems – targeted and efficient. Cloud computing providers are also supported in the areas of OPS and PSS to meet the BSI criteria catalogue C5.

The effectiveness of your security measures will be increased in a verifiable way.

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The Name Generator

25 years of AMPEG and our intergalactic name generator is back after 20 years, as software free of charge: Name Generator 42

Customer Voice SCHOTT

"AMPEG has proven to be a flexible partner, open to innovation and im­provement. If we, as a customer, have an idea and say that we can imagine this or that as a new feature, then that will be picked up. This gives us the oppor­tunity to help shape certain details of the product itself and the project road­map."

Dirk Ossenbrueggen
Head of Information Governance and Security at SCHOTT

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Customer Voice KWS SAAT SE

In addition, AMPEG reacts quickly to requests of all kind and implements customer wishes very quickly, Sternberg adds, speaking about the positive experience of the intro­ductory phase: There are no long waiting times as we have known them from other ser­vice providers. Our supplier delivered miss­ing analyses within two to three weeks.

Andreas Sternberg,
IT Security Officer, KWS SAAT SE

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