Production of Security Lighthouse

The Security Lighthouse is being developed in the software manufactory at our location in Bremen, Germany. AMPEG is a family-owned company. Therefore it has the opportunity to operate completely independent.

Climate friendly production

The main part of AMPEGs energy consumption is the power for the data centre and the workstations. Since 2009 AMPEG has purchased the entire power from renewable energy sources. Further energy consumptions, causing CO2, resulting from heating, travel activities etc. are compensated by the purchase of CO2 certificates.

AMPEG GmbH - climate-neutralised company since 2009

Climate neutralisation

Since 2009 until today AMPEG is a cli­mate neutralised company. This was all made possible by the reduction mea­sures performed by AMPEG from 2003 onwards. These measures have also en­sured that the AMPEG product Security Lighthouse could be developed, sup­ported and sold on an climate neutral basis.

Sustainability KPIs

AMPEG now provides its customers with sustainability KPIs for the Security Lighthouse. These KPIs are based on a study that calculated the electricity consumption and carbon emissions of a central IT security-monitoring PC.

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