Role Management

Regulating access to security information is of key importance in a global corporate network. Role Management in AMPEG Security Lighthouse only lets users who have the corresponding rights view data. Access to regions (locations) and on each security sections down to the analysis are controlled via the user right settings.

When defining the respective roles in AMPEG Security Lighthouse, specification of which information within a role can be accessed takes place. The administrator can import users by connecting Role Management to the Active Directory. The user is then assigned to a role afterwards.

Besides the relation to regions and security sections, various user options can be assigned to the user in AMPEG Security Lighthouse. The Alert, Report or Export functions can be named here as examples.

An employee in France, who is responsible for distributing updates nationally, only receives access to the update status for French computer systems. In contrast, the security officer for Europe can see all information relevant to the work in his role: this includes, for instance, information on the distribution of updates for each country of Europe.

Customer Voice KWS SAAT SE

"Each service provider has a role defini­tion that enables it to see the precise area it is responsible for, and we can be sure that they are in fact informed of their current tasks.”

Andreas Sternberg,
IT Security Officer bei KWS SAAT SE