Security Information Map

The Security Information Map from AMPEG provides a geographical view of the current security status of the whole network. Traffic light colours signalise whether the desired security level has been reached or not at every zoom level. The settings for when the traffic light jumps to red can be defined according to the security requirement of the company. The rule type in Security Lighthouse supports the individual customisations of limiting and threshold values for the different security sections.

Immediately identify acute weak spots

Simply clicking on a country or location shows detailed information verifying the current status. Those who want to can move down to the list of the computer systems at a location.

Helicopter view of the current security status

The Security Information Map provides a helicopter view of the security status of the company network in almost real-time. This allows the quality of the security level to be checked permanently. The effectiveness of your IT security will be increased in a verifiable way.

20% Compliant

"Lighthouse showed up in red, and nothing but red, during the first test run. Only 20 percent of our PCs were compliant in terms of patch status."

CSO of a company with 40,000 PCs at 70 locations worldwide.


The leading manufacturers of security systems are connected to the AMPEG Security Lighthouse via collector.

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