• Lighthouse

    Lighthouses and pier lights help the crew of a vessel, to find the safe route to the harbour.

    The Security Lighthouse supports security teams when navigating through the network to increase the security level.

  • Build at the German North Sea

Security Lighthouse v6

Increase the effectiveness with Security Level Management

Security Lighthouse is a central component in the tool box of the IT security. The status of the IT Security will be visible in almost real-time. This transforms IT security into a measurable and manageable factor. To be aware of the companywide security status serves one goal: to minimise the attack surface and keep it as small as possible.

Assess the security situation and take countermeasures

The permanent verification of the security level offers a detailed assessment of the security situation. Security Lighthouse provides the information to take countermeasures for vulnerable critical systems – targeted and efficient. The effectiveness of your IT security will be increased in a verifiable way.

Build at the German North Sea

Sustainability KPIs

AMPEG now provides its customers with sustainability KPIs for Security Lighthouse. These KPIs are based on a study that calculated the electricity consumption and carbon emissions of a central IT security-monitoring PC.

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Customer Voice Beiersdorf

“We could immediately see the benefits of the solution. We realised that around ten percent of our computers worldwide were only connected to a single security system. This means that ten percent received virus patterns, but no patches, and vice versa,” says Meier. Correlating the data from four systems made it possible to identify weak points immediately.

Jörg Meier,
Manager Platforms and Infrastructure Applications, Beiersdorf Shared Services

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