Social Commitment

The core emphasis of social commitment at AMPEG is directed towards supporting socially disadvantaged children and refugees. Projects countering child abuse and child labour as well as measures and initiatives for improving the upbringing, school education and professional and vocational training and social integration are included among this.

AMPEG is committed in two ways to social aid projects and organisations:

a) through donations and
b) by providing IT services free of charge.

In the following sections you can find out more about the social aid projects and organisations, which AMPEG currently supports:

- Bicycles for Refugees
- Rescue Foundation

Bicycles for Refugees

Bicycles for Refugees is a project that collects used bicycles and makes them available to refugees. Mobility is a central key for social participation. If new citizens to Germany do not have the opportunity to venture out and discover their surroundings, they will keep to themselves and fail to become part of society.

The project also helps refugees learn how to repair their bikes themselves and, in doing so, passes on German language skills and knowledge about traffic rules. Gaining language skills and having daily contact with other citizens helps promote integration and develop better mutual understanding.

AMPEG decided to support Bicycles for Refugees because we were able to establish direct contact with the project leaders, who keep us informed about the current situation.

For further information please visit the Bicycles for Refugees website under:

Rescue Foundation

The Rescue Foundation is a partner organisation of BONO Direkthilfe e.V. and has been combating human trafficking and forced prostitution in India since 1997. Each year over 20,000 girls and women in India are abducted and many of them end up in a red-light district similar to the one in Mumbai where they are forced into prostitution under the most awful of conditions. These girls are often not even 14 years old when they are turned into human commodities. In cooperation with the local authorities the girls are rescued during raids on the brothels and then taken to the organisation's rescue centres where they receive medical and psychological help and legal aid. After they are rescued the girls start out on the road to preparing a new life. As soon as they have recovered from their traumatic physical and mental experiences, they receive schooling at the centre. The skills they learn empower them to find their way back into society and start over.

In 2009 the Rescue Foundation succeeded in rescuing over 200 girls from forced prostitution.

AMPEG has undertaken to support the Rescue Foundation because we are in direct contact with a German project advisor who keeps us informed about the current situation on the ground.

For further information please visit the Rescue Foundation website under:

Bicycles for Refugees statement

»Ampeg has very generously supported Bicycles for Refugees at the end of the year 2015 and ensure basic funding for the year 2016.«

Andreas Petry, steering committee, Fahrräder für Flüchtlinge e.V.