Power consumption reduced by 50% over 6 years

8 April 2014 Peter Graf

Virtualising our servers in 2008 and 2009 was the most important of the many steps we took to reduce AMPEG’s electricity consumption.

In late 2013, just before AMPEG moved, we took further steps.

The following steps helped us to reduce our electricity consumption by an additional 20 percent:

• Host hardware: We replaced our Blade System, which we had depreciated
   over five years, with more energy-efficient hardware.
• Network switches: We replaced our 24-port switches with 48-port switches
   featuring port standby functionality.
• Datacentre room: New racks and more powerful hosts reduced our space needs.
• Climate control: together with new racks we optimised the air circulation.

Reducing AMPEG’s electricity consumption made it easier for us to switch to electricity generated from guaranteed renewable sources since 2009.