Security Lighthouse v9.0

The Security Dashboard with over 450 analyses on board.

A 360° view of all relevant areas in a network is the key to maximum IT-Security. Without a continuous, detailed insight into the security status, so-called "blind spots" are created which offer ideal opportunities to intrude into the network.

Reduce the attack surface

Security Lighthouse is a central component in the tool box of the IT security. The identification of the network's weak points is sup­por­ted with a differentiated, individually cust­omisable set of rules. The knowledge gained from this serves one goal: to eliminate weak points in order to reduce the attack surface and keep it as small as possible.

Taking the rudder in your hands

a) Collect and intelligently analyse security information,

b) Recognising weak points with the security dashboard,

c) Take countermeasures,

d) Strengthen the protective shield to reduce the attack surface.

At Ampeg, we call this Security Level Management.

Continuous monitoring from the software manufactory in Germany

Customer Voice SCHOTT

"AMPEG has proven to be a flexible partner, open to innovation and im­provement. If we, as a customer, have an idea and say that we can imagine this or that as a new feature, then that will be picked up. This gives us the oppor­tunity to help shape certain details of the product itself and the project road­map."

Dirk Ossenbrueggen
Head of Information Governance and Security at SCHOTT

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Customer Voice KWS SAAT SE

In addition, AMPEG reacts quickly to requests of all kind and implements customer wishes very quickly, Sternberg adds, speaking about the positive experience of the intro­ductory phase: There are no long waiting times as we have known them from other ser­vice providers. Our supplier delivered miss­ing analyses within two to three weeks.

Andreas Sternberg,
IT Security Officer, KWS SAAT SE

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