Read case studies of how public and private companies are using AMPEG Security Lighthouse to improve the effectiveness of their IT security.

A new hub for the corporate security level management

During the Proof of Concept (PoC), AMPEG was already able to show that for nearly all important ZF systems which were to be integrated, collectors could be made available as an “out of the box” interface solution. “The fact that the PoC went so smoothly against this background, and that we did not have to find individual solutions, made us expect a low-maintenance product,” Michael Schrank, former Head of IT Security at ZF, explains.

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70 Countries at a Glance

Reference KWS

We have been working with comprehensive Excel tables sent to us at regular intervals in order to have an overview of the existing IT systems and the installed software, but also of security tools, applied patches, virus patterns and other im­portant data, explains Andreas Sternberg, IT security officer at KWS, and he ad­mits: But this procedure did not offer us our desired direct access to the global status in­formation.

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Customer Voice KWS SAAT SE

Matthias Helmke, Head of Infrastructure at KWS, draws attention to another point: “If auditors want to check our security level, we can offer them an immediate and incredibly concrete way of doing so. We can also prepare reports quickly for specific target groups. All this dramatically simplifies audits.”

Customer Voice IT.N (LSKN)

“We are now able to show our improvements with facts and figures – we have measurements and analyses that we can pass on to management. What once was a vague gut feeling about IT security has now become specific, quantitative knowledge.”

Michael Schätzke, former Security Officer, Landesbetrieb für Statistik und Kommunikationstechnologie Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony Institute for Statistics and Communication Technology)