Corporate Social Responsibility

The advantage of being able to partake in the technical and commercial progress and prosperity of a Western European society for AMPEG is linked to the responsibility of making a contribution to the improvement of social disadvantages.
Working for the public welfare does not just serve an end in itself since we are pursuing the corporate goal of improving the worth of our company for customers, suppliers and employees.

The core emphasis of corporate citizenship at AMPEG is directed towards supporting socially disadvantaged children. Projects countering child abuse and child labour as well as measures and initiatives for improving the upbringing of children, school education and professional and vocational training are included among this.

The corporate citizenship of AMPEG is to make a contribution to a stable business environment. This is meant to secure the legitimation of the company and strengthen the trust of a wide range of social groups in the company’s social responsibility.
The goal is to sustainable increase the value of our company by way of social and ecological commitment.